Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Clash of Clans Preparation

The football manager game comes in three varieties: "Classic", "Interactive" and "Pro". The basic principle is always the same: each player has the same budget, thus before the start of the season to put together a team, with which he can participate in one or more "Manager leagues" - for example against Labour colleagues -.
Hack for clash of clans
Player prices are set on a specific date and then no longer be changed. Players playing unexpected good preparation, can be so real bargains. Bad luck has, however, who buys a player who changes after the season start in foreign countries - in the "interactive" - and then no transfers are more "classic" version. At the "Pro" Variant, however, transfers can be made during the season.

How do the points come about?

The points are based on the one on the notes, which awards the magazine 'Kicker'. There are other points for assists or goals.

How can you intervene during the season?

In the "classic" version, you can change anything during the season. In the "interactive" mode, an additional transfer can be made during the winter break. The remainder of the game only placement and formation can be changed. Who plays the "Pro" version, can change something more, here are also among the season transfer periods.

The football manager game is a pure online game, there are no apps. Because one but just in the "Classic" and the "interactive" version more than once per week have to log, disrupts it no further. Who wants to share in the excitement on football weekends not only with the own Club, under the week has also other things in my head, the football manager game is the right choice.
Hack clash of clans 2015

Each player is part of a "community" within which there is every football player only ever once. The other players must offer for the best players and hope that their market value developed positively. First of all everyone gets randomly assigned an approximately equal strong team either and in addition a budget of 20 million or a team, and a budget of 40 million. After the season, the respective community leaders decide whether the teams and produced budget move last season in the next season.

How do the points come about?

Since the season of 2015/16, cooperates with the online sports portal Comunio Spox.de and uses their notes. In addition, there are for example points for scored goals.

How can you intervene during the season?

Between game days, players can be sold and bought. Its market value develops depending on the points that achieve them, respectively the popularity within the community. Throughout the season can be worked so much on their own team and own budget improved. It should not get only in the negative, that gives a point deduction.


Comunio can be played free of charge. The "PlusPlayer" option is free of charge (per season 13.80 euros) and the "ProPlayer" version (per season 16.80 Euro). For that you get each additional functions.


Comunio is for data and statistics friends and football crazy, who know every injury, weakness of form of or tactical changes and log like several times a week.

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